Framing Glass



    Framing glass is a very important part of the frame which is often overlooked. The glass has to be able to protect the image from dust and dirt, while showing it at it’s best without dulling down the colours of everything that it is there to protect.

    Depending on the medium that is being framed it might also need to protect against UV light and reducing reflections. We will discuss with you which is the best for you during your consultation to ensure that you get the best for your budget and requirements from the three options below.

    Standard Water White Float Glass

    Water white glass has less impurities for a cleaner image
    Water white glass has less impurities for a cleaner image

    Water white is the term applied to float glass produced from material with very low metallic impurity levels. Standard float glass can vary between a fairly strong green and a pale turquoise colour (looked at from the edge of the panel).

    For most applications, this range of colouration is perfectly acceptable but for picture framing we think that the Water White is a much better option for providing minimal colour variation and is therefore the glass that we offer as standard.

    Artglass comparison

    The Artglass range of specialist glass products

    Groglass is one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of anti-reflective and other high-performance coatings on glass and acrylic. Applications include static displays, picture framing, museum showcases as well as architecture and other applications. The Artglass range of specialist picture framing glass is made in two state-of-the-art European facilities.

    Which specialist glass?

    We are able to supply specialist glass from a number of suppliers, however we generally recommend one of the following two types depending on whether the requirement is for UV protection and/or Anti reflective properties


    artglasspreservationclearuv99UV ArtGlass

    • 99% protection from harmful UV
    • Free from ‘orange-peel’ distortion
    • No colour shift when viewed at an angle
    • Helps prevent images fading



    Artglass - UVUV AR Glass

    • Low iron, water white glass, 99% light transmission
    • Reflection less than 0.5%
    • 90% protection from harmful UV  **
    • No colour shift when viewed at an angle
    • Easy to clean and abrasion resistant






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