What are the options for picture mounting?

Options for picture mounting

Picture mounting is an art in itself, the way that the picture is mounted inside the frame can make a tremendous difference. There are three things to consider when choosing a mount, colour or colours, mount type and decoration.

Why do we need a mount?

The first reason for having a mount is to separate the picture from the glass because this can have long term implications for preserving the picture itself. The second is to keep the picture flat so it doesn’t crinkle while allowing the paper to contract and expand naturally. And the last is to crop and surround the image and start the transition to the frame.


By picking out colours or shades, from white through the colour spectrum, from the picture you can change the way you interact with it. This can have the effect that you notice colours or area’s of the picture that you hadn’t noticed before. It’s a trial and error process, with a little bit of science, the colour shouldn’t over-power the painting, it should compliment it. A lot of framers steer clear of colour in the mount, but if you keep the colours subtle we have found that you can see different things in the work and enhance depth. The end goal is to reach the ‘pop’ factor where the image just looks ‘right’.

Mount Type

The type of mount you choose is very much dependent partly on cost/budget and partly on what lends itself best to the picture. For example if you have an original work on a rustic paper with rough edges it is sometimes nice to celebrate those edges with a float mount kamagra oral jelly pris. Or, if the picture has depth that needs to be enhanced then we can create a mount which sets the picture back in the frame.

Conversely, a more complicated mount might make the picture feel to cluttered and therefore the simplicity of a single mount is all that is required. Sometimes a double mount with two contrasting colours can help to frame the picture.

There are times, however, when the picture lends itself to something completely custom. Sometimes an idea comes to mind and it just looks right, however, it is still your decision as to what you choose.

If we are looking to frame a work that could shed particles over the years, for example of pastel, charcoal or embroidery, then we will always recommend a shadow mount so that these particles can fall behind the mount instead of coming to rest against the glass.

Experience is the only common factor here, with over 10 years in framing we can quite quickly tell you what will work and what will not.


Lines and washes around the picture can also have a fantastic impact, but not all the time. For example a picture of a herb or plant with 4 or 5 lines and a colour wash can really improve the picture by providing a frame within a frame

And Finally

There is nothing worse than seeing thunder flies and dust against the glass on the mount and around the painting. We seal up the glass to the mount before it goes into the frame to help prevent this. You can never guarantee that the frame will remain free of these pesky pests, however if they do get past the defences on all our custom made frames in the first 5 years we will remove them for you, free of charge.

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