Digital Virtual Framing


    Virtual Framing and Visualisation

    There are times when it can be difficult to totally visualise what your painting is going to look like framed when you are only looking at a small corner framing sample in the shop. You might be drawn to a couple of framing options and can’t quite decide which will be the best for you, the picture or you décor at home.

    Using the latest Technology we are now able to produce digital mock ups of your painting fully framed.

    Once we have a digitised version of the painting or print, we start with the mount and getting the proportions correct then we move to mount type and quantity. Finally we add the various framing options which we can switch between in real time in the shop.

    Lastly, if you have an image of the wall that it is going to hang from, we can hang the work, virtually on the wall. There are some limitations to this technique, as with anything digital, however, it can go a long way to helping you feel more comfortable about your framing decisions.

    We offer this service free of charge and is dependant on having a flat image of the painting or print.



    1. Print for framing

    This is the image that we are thinking about framing

    2. First pass at a border size

    3. It looks better with a Double Mount

    4. Like this frame but it is too wide for the image

    5. This one is more in proportion

    6. A second framing option

    7. Here it is on the wall


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